Our top 4 reasons to own more than one domain name for your business

Over the years we've owned quite a large number of domain names, from variations on our business name such as obrienmedia.eu, common misspellings like obrianmedia.co.uk, and even for specific products and services we offer such as smsmessenger.co and tasknow.co.uk. This isn't to play to our vanity but to protect our business and brand from others who might - either...
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Keep customers and staff informed with SMS alerts

SMS text message marketing is quickly becoming the marketing method of choice to communicate special offers and time sensitive information to customers of businesses and organisations of all sizes.   Another popular use of SMS messaging is to keep customers and staff up to date with information on closures and other information in the event of bad weather. We offer a fully managed...
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Send a festive message to your customers via text this Christmas

Christmas is a great time to build on relationships with your customers, members or users.  A lot of our customers send out Christmas cards to their customers (we've printed more than ever this year!) and while this personal touch is appreciated by customers the cost of cards and postage can be prohibitive. We're in the final stages of developing our new small business SMS messaging...
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What does your choice of colour say about your business?

Colour plays a big part in how we react to every aspect of our environment, from the space we work in to the products we buy. Taking colour into account when designing your business' branding, product packaging, promotional materials, and even your office or retail space can have a massive effect on the impact your business has on you and your customers. Choosing the right colour for your...
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5 Reasons your business should be using Google+

Google+ is much more than Google's answer to Facebook, it's a platform designed to enable you and your business to find like minded people (and businesses via Google+ pages) and build relationships.  Here are our top five reasons why you should be using Google+ for your business: 1. Get your business found locally Google+ pages are included within search results, and in Google maps...
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Get your online priorities right first time when starting a new business

When starting up a new business, getting your online presence right first time is key (after all it’s first impressions that count!) Your website address You may have already chosen a name for your business, if not, or you’ve not promoted your business name yet you should take a few minutes to think about how your name translates into a website address.  Is your first choice of...
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Content is king – are you blogging for your business yet?

Are you blogging? No? Well you could be missing out on attracting visitors to your website!  Although the phrase “content is king” is a little cheesy it’s true that if you write a regular blog about your industry, specialist area or business then you’ll increase visitors to your website. We’re not talking re-posting content from other websites, we’re...
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Getting started with Facebook – Communicating with your audience

We’re using the word “audience” in this article to include visitors to your page and people who have “liked” your page (it always gets a giggle from groups when we start talking about “likes” and “people who like your page” when we’re carrying our social media training!) Status updates are created in exactly the same way as status...
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Getting started with Facebook – Creating a Facebook business page

A Facebook page is as essential to your business as a website, we'll explain on this page how to get started and create your own Facebook page for your business.  To get set up just visit www.facebook.com/pages/create  and choose the type of page you wish to create.  There’s no limit to the number of pages you can create but for a small business it’s best to start...
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Getting started with Facebook – Why is Facebook good for business?

Facebook is ideally placed to attract new customers and has two main pathways for businesses to attract customers, either via the use of Facebook pages and/or groups (see this article for the differences) or by using Facebook’s paid advertising options (we’ll deal with Facebook advertising in a later article). Facebook allows you to reach people who might not have otherwise known...
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