How to Change the Default Currency in Google Analytics

The currency setting (or “Currency Displayed As” as it is officially known as) is one of the most frequently forgotten settings that gets missed when setting up a new Google Analytics account.

This is fine if you are US based, or sell in US Dollars, as the default is set as “$” . If you live in the UK, or elsewhere in the world that doesn’t trade in Dollars, then you’re going to soon find out that all your revenue metrics are reported Dollars.

Don’t worry, this issue can be quickly be resolved!

  1. Navigate to the View that you wish to update
  2. Once in the main report screen, select “Admin”
  3. Make sure the appropriate View  is selected and then click “View Settings“:
  4. In “View Settings“, locate the “Currency Displayed As” option and select the appropriate currency that us relevant to your region:
  5. Click Save.
Last updated byChris Grant (he/him)Chris Grant (he/him) on 29th May 2020